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From the Boardroom to the Living Room!



The Real Story Behind Work-at-Home Dads

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From the Boardroom to the Living Room

Years ago, when technology was still in its sophomore stages, the idea of dads working at home was a total taboo. It was simply what society dictated – dads went out to earn a living, while moms stayed home to take care of the kids and the house. As the years went by, however, things started to change. Everything that society once dictated was pushed into the background. Movies started portraying dads as homebodies and moms started getting noticed in the corporate world. Today, the modern world has completely changed society’s rules.

Aside from the dictates of society, a dad also had to take into consideration the modern day stresses that affect his family. Since dad spent a lot of time in the office, he wasn’t aware anymore of what was happening to his family. He couldn’t spend enough quality time with his kids and wife. He spent most of his time inside the office. Eventually, dad realized that this couldn’t go on. The best solution to dad’s problem? Work at home. We now see a lot of dads working at home every single day of the week.

The term work-at-home dad can actually be taken to mean two different things. First, there are work-at-home dads who simply take their job at home. This type of work-at-home dad does not have to resign from his current job; he only has to request to be allowed to work telecommute. The second type of work-at-home dad is the one who establishes his own business at home, or one who looks for freelance online work. This is the kind of work-at-home dad that we are going to focus on.

The transition from the boardroom straight into the living room may not work for some, but for most dads who have been working at home for years, the change is worth more than anything in the world.

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First off, work-at-home dads have more flexible hours. This means that they can do a lot of stuff since they don’t need to follow a specific schedule. Flexible work hours also mean that dads can accomplish more in a day as compared to when they are tied down to their desks in the office. They have the freedom to do as many as they wish to in a day and not be conscious about how many minutes or hours they spend completing a specific task.

Finally, with flexible hours, work-at-home dads can spend more time with their families. There’s time to help the kids with their homework; time to take the wife out for a dinner date; time to talk about vacations and other plans and time to go out and have fun as a family.

Working at home allows dads to do multi-tasking. Work-at-home dads can do more than one job at a time. He can watch his favorite show while working or he can take care of bills while chatting with a client.

The best advantage of multi-tasking is that it allows dads to take on more than one job at a time. Dads can take on two or three clients and then divide their work hours among these clients. This means that dads will have more opportunities to earn and provide for the family financially.

Some families have taken the technology bait as both mom and dad work at home. For some, this is the ideal set up as both parents need not go anywhere else to provide for the family. These couples manage to spend quality time with their children while also earning.

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There are also couples who work together to put up their own home-based business, like an online marketing company. This is also a beneficial endeavor, both in terms of financial gains and personal advantages. But this is an altogether different issue.

Dads who decide to work at home can choose from a lot of options in starting a home-based job. The most popular option is, of course, to look for online earning opportunities. For dads who are yet to start working at home, these are the options to choose from:

Article writing

Blog writing

Online marketing

Data entry

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Link building

Virtual Assistant

Online teaching (normally reserved for those with teaching background)

Medical transcription

There are still a lot of work-at-home opportunities that dads can take on. In fact, there are countless websites that help you look for these opportunities. Some examples are, and However, before you go knocking on the doors of these online jobs providers, you’ll need to know the basics of doing online work at home. As there are a lot of scams and fraudsters nowadays, it is important for you to get all the knowledge that you can about working at home and choosing which kind of online jobs to take.

You’ll also need to know the techniques and strategies needed to make your online work goals succeed.

This is where work-at-home dads will come in. We will provide you with everything that you will need to know and have in terms of your new job. We’ll guide you every step of the way. And if you’re not yet that decided on which online job opportunity to consider, we’ll help you out. We’ll discuss online job options as thoroughly as possible. We’ll give you how-tos, tips and guidelines and other equally helpful stuff on a regular basis. We’ll also listen to you by giving you the chance to share your thoughts with us; to ask questions you’ve long wanted to ask.

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The modern world is constantly changing. Everyday, new technologies are introduced, and these create a significant impact in each of our lives. It is up to us to take advantage of the good things that these new technologies can offer us. The Internet may just be one of these technologies, but it is by far the most beneficial. If you’re at the turning point in your life, use the Internet to make good changes. Think not only of yourself, but also of your family. Start your quest for a better and more fulfilling life by being a work-at-home dad. And let us help you make your journey a memorable and productive one.