Work At Home DADs & Parents – Help Is Here

Work At Home DADs & Parents – Help Is Here

Greetings Work At Home Dads & Parents

Respectfully, Being a Work From Home Dad or Parent is  “Top – Notch”  . . . Way To Go!  

You’ve earned your respect from me and many others!

I’m sure you know and have experienced daily that Working from Home and Parenting from Home is NOT Easy. 

Bet you have also realized that earning money enough money, that replaces your salary, from home is not easy too.

Dealing with your Children (in every aspect of their growing up) is a difficult task in itself.  I  sympathise with you in finding the time and effort to complete your home job duties, not including the home cleaning-up duties. Then you must take care of the kids.  Your attempts to pay attention too, educate, play with, being social with and just being there for them is time consuming  Again, this is NOT Easy!

Hey, you childless or not children at home dads and parents . . . you have it rough too.  Social Interaction problems frustrated you. Making enouh income to cover your needs gnaw on you.  You deal with spousal problems, lonliness, boredom, and even just havin someone to share and relate to.

Then there is the maintaining of your physical, emotional, psychological and mental balance every day. Again this is NOT Easy. 

work at home

Finally, you must offer yourself and your family many Problem-Solving, Time Managing, Organizing, and Parenting solutions.

Too Bad your day hasn’t ended. You better not be because your fun just started.  Get ready, in a few hours your spouse or loved one will arrive home  . . . tired, frustrated, hungry and desiring your attention.  The endless cycle repeats itself again and you must provide for their needs and desires, plus listen to them.

Sadly, it’s late at night.  You wish to relax with your spouse or by yourself, but you can’t. 


Your spouse needs you to help them with their “hunny-do” list. Also, you haven’t completed the assignments you planned on doing during the day because of those kids and devoting not enough completion time. 

 Yawn, you have to be up at 6 am the morning to repeat all of this again.

Help is here . . . 

This group was created, with intentions, to support every work at home dad, spouse, mom and parent with practical, easy to apply solutions that deal with the daily issues they will face.  Such as:

– Locating the best high paying salary replacing resources to increase your income and most of all provide for your family needs.

– Introducing profitable new ideas – concepts that will open up your thoughts and encourage to get more done quicker and simply,

– Learning profitable new career opportunities, low time-consuming, income producing, proven job suggestions. Thus allowing you more ‘free-time’ and relaxation while payin your bills and more. 

– Sharing a group, with others, that will offer proven solutions for a spouse, child, or pet difficulties in order to create a healthy home environment.

– You will learn professional solutions & facts to eliminate problems related to physical, health, and mental, difficulties,

– You will be provided eye-opening steps that provide solutions to overcome loneliness, depression, and boredom,

– You’ll learn powerful tips that Deal with resentment, misbehavior, aggression, and fear of failure,

– Would you enjoy some social activities? You’ll be introduced to new groups, events, tips, goals, and positive social activities to encourage Lifestyle Improvements,

– Have open discussions on any other issues that cloud your best behavior.

work at home

Are you interested in permanently enhancing and improving your Work At Home  Lifestyle?

If you are, here’s an offer you must not pass on.  Maybe you are tired, frustrated or just concerned about your decision to Work At Home for yourself, instead of working for someone else. 

Are you still wondering if there are any decent Work From Home Jobs and decent paying salary replacing positions available to work at?

Does your spouse or significate other, criticize your attempts and efforts to work at home?

Finally, does working out of your home make you feel depressed, stressed, and alone?

Be honest, are you happy, enjoying yourself, and feeling good about being with your kids while working out of your home?

Come On  – Join Our Free Work At Home Dad’s  and Parents Lifestyle List Today!  You Deserve to be spoiled.

You’ll receive invaluable Strategies, Insights, Tips, Resources, and Our Amazing Support.  Sign-up Below:


This is a ‘private social group. All information share between myself and members will remain confidentual.


Believe me in stating that your opinion is priceless. Not only would you be helping yourself, but you’ll be assisting others overcome and eliminate the limiting issues.  It’s so powerful to have friends and colligues that offer proven constructive insights.  What’s even more powerful is being able to apply these insights to actually win the battle and have freedom again.  Just knowing that others care is powerful healing itself.

I encourage everyone to leave a comment.  I will only post comments that are approved by both parties. Should you like to have your comment posted for others to review  let me know.

In the near future I am planning to offer a membership site to all members that will provide additional high quality and assistance in becoming a super successful Work At Home Dad or Parent. 

Areas of coverage will include:

  • proven work at home income sources, step-by-step guides, publications, software and partnerships, plus more

  • one-on-one consulting and coaching

  • educational support, supplies, and resources

If interested . . . be sure to contact me soon.   I have limited consulting and coaching time spots available, plus my members and loyal readers will receive 50% off my fees.

Again, You Work At Home Dads, Moms, and Parents . . . you are respected, not only by me, but by many others.