Making $15.00 or more hourly Starting Out Salary from Working At Home

Making $15.00 or more hourly Starting Out Salary from Working At Home

Working From Home offers many challenges, especially making a Starting Out Salary that covers all your necessary expenses.

First Off, Congratulations for taking action and attempting to earn a profitable Starting Out Salary and not leaving your home to earn it.

Sadly, but realistically, we didn’t choose to work from home to work a starting out salary online businesses just to make 15 bucks an hour, right?

Our goals and starting out salary visions are obviously much bigger.

You’ll discover within this article several key methods that if performed obediently will provide a starting out salary of $15.00 or more within a month or so. Be sure you understand this . . . First off, laziness is not an option – nobody is going to do it for you. Second is you must take action now – you’ve got to start immediately. Not tomorrow, Not next month – NOW. Finally, you must be realistic in your goals and thoughts. Meaning you’re not going to create a start out salary that makes a $1,000/hour. It’s not going to happen.

Here’s a Major Strategy for those who don’t want to work your way up. Close this webpage or newsletter and go find a get rich quick scheme that promises you thousands of dollars to be made from their publication or software. Promise me that you’ll get back to me when you’re rich (should be next month or sometime soon, so I can cash in myself.

Method #1 – Begin a Starting Out Salary position as a Freelancer.

What is freelancing?  It’s making use of invaluable skills, services, and actions that a business owner would rather hire you than do it themselves. Consider one or more from the following or thousands more:

  • writing articles or blog posts.
  • building backlinks,
  • creating websites,
  • generating new leads
  • advertising or marketing
  • graphic or photo design
  • or whatever.

Pick out the area or strengths in which you prosper the most. Then offer these power skills as a service to others for compensation, say $15.00 an hour to start.   Once you’ve proven your worth . . . demand higher wages to compensate for your skills.

Let’s say someone offers you a freelance position, in which, you have no training or skills on.  No problem . . . you then research the problem all you can for One Day. In 10 hours or less, you can learn more about any topic than 99.9% of people know.

Begin advertising your services on the LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, The Warrior Forum or any website that lets you sell services. Place ads on Fiver, CraigsList or Forums.  Just get the word out that you are available.

Method 2 – Become the Expert Product Creator.

Here’s the crux of the matter:

People Pay To Hear How Others Have Achieved Specific Results.

You will be naming RESULTS.  You’ll offer your friends, email list, buyers, and interested others – Numbers, amounts, specifics.

People will pay much more to hear about actual results than they will about theory or research.

First off you need a little self-belief. That’s easy to achieve – just try to genuinely help your readers with everything you do and you’ll feel 100% fine about everything you sell.

Analyze everything you do because no matter how simple it is, we guarantee there are people out there who will PAY you to share it with them.

Look at every single result you get (even if it’s a bad one) because people are willing to pay to know what actually happens in the trenches – what is REAL – and not for theory.

Here’s how to rise above 90% of wannabe marketers:

The Main Mistake Most Newcomer And Unsuccessful Marketers Make Is They Value Information More Than Experience!

Share Your Negative Results Too!

It marks you out as an honest person too – a true human being when most of the IM crowd simply pretends to polish their Ferrari and reckon to never put a foot wrong.



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