Attention All Work or Stay  At Home Moms and Dads . . .

Attention All Work or Stay  At Home Moms and Dads . . .

Believe Me (as I am one) working from home, parenting from home, earning money from home is not easy. Created this group with intentions to support each other with the issues of: 1. Locating the best high paying, profitable new ideas – concepts, less time consuming, income producing jobs, 2. Spouse,child,or pet support. problem-solving and acknowledgement 3. Physical – health related,. mental, and psychological support, facts, and solutions, 4. Overcoming loneliness, depression, and boredom, 5. Dealing with resentment, misbehavior, aggression, and fear of failure, 6. Events, Strategies, and enhancing lifestyle improvement, 7. Any other issue that overcomes your potential.

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