Stay At Home Business Consultant


This career position is amazing.  Any work from home dad or mom must research and look into becoming a Stay At Home Consultant.

As a Business Consultant – you will discover that this outstanding earn money at home career offers so many benefits in addition to just replacing your salary.

If you enjoy being in-charge or helping others to solve problems with an exciting, ever-changing, and non-boring career. . . then a Stay At Home Consultant must be considered.

Job duties will vary for business consultants.  Actually, in most cases, business consultants are hired to improve or fix a specific component of a client’s local business in order to increase their monthly revenue.  This consultant job position parallels a Stay at Home Coach position.   Business  Consultants also share advice, make recommendations, and solve any problems that are failing this business.

A Stay At Home Consultant must Qualify Themselves with the following traits:

–  Are you a confident leader?

–  Can you reason to others logically?

–  Do you possess the ability to communicate effectively with writing and speech?

–  Can work with others without insulting or being too demanding or critical?

–  Do you offer ingenuity qualities, like being clever, innovative, and inspirational?

As you were growing up you probably thought that every business owner knew what he/she is doing.  Well let me tell you a secret – most business owners have no idea how to run a business.  They’re simply getting by selling their product or service.  The owners that realize they know nothing about business look for consultants who can help them create larger profits.  And because more and more businesses are being run online – that means more opportunity for you to make money online.

Here’s an amazing fact:  Most beginning work at home dads or moms do not realize that they are an expert in some skill-set that others are willing to pay a lot of money to have them instruct, outline, and teach them.

A Stay At Home Consultant, who works at home, needs to ask themselves and every business they will or are consulting the following questions:

1. Do I consider myself an EXPERT in any skill or mindset I possess? 

Be honest with yourself – make a list of every skill that you enjoy, possess, or think someone else who be interested in learning.  For an example – if you enjoy building things or repairing broken items, then teach others this skill.  Can you sing, act, or influence others then share this skill.   Do possess a skill of viewing or seeing solutions that other can’t?  Business Owners are looking for you. Video Gamers – Teach Others to become winners.  The list goes on

 2.   Is anyone else offering your work at home service?

Most people will actually get depressed when they notice there’s someone “already doing” their ideal jobs working from home.  If you hear or observe this  . . . you should be thrilled.  Noticing a healthy range of providers or merchants for an idea should tell you that there’s a strong market for that product.

It’s good news — not something to shy away from, with some ingenuity you can crush them.

 3.    Is anyone out there looking for your service?

You should become excited to observe a work at the home job posting or help wanted ad for your service.   Think of it this way, you have no business if you have no demand — period.

     4.   “Do your potential clients or customers have the ABILITY and WILLINGNESS to pay?”

Important – Your market must have the ability and willingness to pay.  Do not sell your skill-sets short with others who cannot afford your or will cheat you out. Beware there are some people and groups who are particularly bad markets to go after.

Most importantly, there ARE some constants that work for all coaches that you really should be including so I’ll go through those in a short checklist –

  • Ask questions.

  • Establish what the problem is

  • Agree on a desired outcome

  • Make a plan for achieving that outcome

  • Break it down into small tasks they can focus on

  • Get some small results for your client as soon as you can Set deadlines for your client

  • Provide Accountability

  • You just have to get them going in the right direction…

Here’s an optimized stay at home career.  Combine this highly recommended make money at home job with a Stay At Home Consultant career.   A work at home dad, mom or parent can double their monthly income because both careers are so similar.

You need to do the following 20-minute activity to determine which people, groups, and bad markets to void like the plague:

  • Locate just 1 person who might be interested in your idea.  Talk to them in person, by phone or by email. You can ask ANYONE remotely close to the idea, even your best friend or spouse. We’re looking for wishful, honest, and impulsive answers from just people.

  • Use the following script: “I’m thinking of starting some kind of website around [YOUR IDEA]. When you talk to your friends about it, what do you say? What’s the biggest problem around [YOUR IDEA]?”

  • This is Important – Be sure to write down the exact words, slang, and language they use. You are looking for precise, detailed, and honest responses.  —DONE—

Begin applying these proven answers within the business, you coach.  Use them as new products, new socializing, new customer service strategies, new advertising and marketing strategies, new goal planning ventures, and finally new lead or customer promotions.

Now you should have multiple new business ideas for yourself and your new business client.

 To test your Business Ideas –  Use the following proven resources:

Google Search – A Stay At Home Consultant should include this tool to educate your clients.  You can learn exactly what you new customers and clients are using daily to find your business and what you have to offer them.  Don’t be shy and overlook this invaluable lead generation tool.

Amazon Reviews – This highly recommended business idea resource is a ”GEM-MINE” and a must use tool for research.  Those critical user reviews offered for product sold or to be purchased are data for learning what people really want.  They share what people really love or hate.  Use these gems to offer advice to clients and purchases.

ForumsReddit and Quora – Interested in learning powerful, deep secrets, tips, and strategies about the markets of your business and your client’s business?  Be sure to do an online research using these prominent tools.  Look for a personal question and honest opinions.

Use Surveys and Questionnaires –  The advice, pertinent information that is sought after will assist your business ideas overnight.  Offer bonuses or special offers for participation.

Working With Clients From Home

Clients can be a godsend or a liability for a stay at home consultant.  The most important rule a work at home business consultant must understand . . .

“You don’t let a client tell you how to do your job.”

It’s your responsibility to offer every client the very best service and professionalism possible.  Basically you were hired because you offered a set of skills and training that the client does not.   In order to keep them satisfied. . . provide them weekly updates with your progress and provide the client with reports that support your claims.

One of the most difficult tasks that business consultants must handle is managing their time and projects. First, discipline yourself because you’re essentially working from home.  You need to create your own schedule.  Secondly, you don’t want to eliminate a situation where your work dries up.  Thirdly, you need to be aware that if you keep taking on more and more projects you will  become overwhelmed.

Here are some options a Stay At Home Consultant must consider when dealing with clients while working out of your home:

Set realistic expectations from day one.

  • Have a weekly 5-minute call to keep them updated or answer any questions that the client may have.

  • Send your clients industry updates to keep them informed and make them feel special.

  • At end of every month send your clients a report that illustrates the work that you have done.

  • Send your clients a monthly survey so that you can track your performance and find out ways to make your client happier.

Here’s a Must Consider List of Marketing Methods a Stay At Home Consultant, Dad or Mom Should Install into their Business

  •  Build email lists. Build an extensive email list so that you can share your content and keep subscribers updated with newsletters. You can obtain emails by asking for an email address to attend one of your webinars.

  • Speak at events. Share your knowledge with others by speaking at an industry event.

  • Join associations. Depending on your field, you may want to join an association where you can network, share content/ideas, or earn certifications.

  • Network. Attend industry events, such as conferences or cocktail hours, where you can mingle with potential clients and exchange contact information.

  • Cold email/calling. Email or call clients that interest you and could use your services.  Have a script or text planned and be creative. The end game is for you and the client to have a meeting.