Check Out Stay At Home Coaching

One of the fastest ways to start earning money from your online business is to offer to coach.  Being a work at home coach is one of the backbones of most online business starting out.  Don’t be surprised that a lot of work at home parents employ a coach to assist them in creating an online information product.

Ask Yourself . . .

Do you have patience, a listening ear, and a concern and care in helping others?

Are there any prominent skills you possess that you’d enjoy teaching or providing amazing insights to others?

Most coaching clients require some professional advice and training.  But most of them need just a listening ear from someone so they can ‘sound-out’ to.  A coach is often just a non-certified psychologist.

Coaching is the single-best way for a stay at home parent to start learning business skills.

A Stay At Home Coach Offers Success

Starting with a coaching program allows you to create a solid foundation for your business, one that will help you scale more quickly. Here’s why:

Benefit #1: A Stay At Home Coach makes good money, fast.

One of the major benefits of coaching is that you can get a healthy stream of income without a huge audience. This is because people will pay more for personalized, one-on-one programs.

When our Building Futures Marketing work at home business website launched amazingly this made $4,800 with less than 500 subscribers in 60 days.  Within 6 months it earned over $32,000 in revenue with a list of under 2500 subscribers.

Benefit #2: A Stay At Home Coach will learn exactly what your customer wants.

You can’t build a great business without a solid understanding of your customer — their demographics, their hopes and dreams, what stops them from achieving their goals, and their objections to buying. In fact, any good course on building an online business starts with customer research as the foundation.

Being a Stay At Home Coach gave me a first-hand look at what makes it so hard for women to lose weight. I figured out what they struggle with most when it comes to weight loss (staying healthy during travel and the holidays!), better understood the connection between food and emotion, and uncovered scripts women tell themselves that stop them from getting their ideal body.

All of this helped me get crystal clear on what kind of customer I needed to reach to grow my business, plus how to talk to them. And it will do the same for your business.

Benefit #3: Find fans that rave about your business

Because clients received highly-personalized support from me in the one-on-one coaching program, they saw dramatic results — fast. And most were willing to take photos of their progress and let me share them on my site and in guest posts on other popular sites, which helped me attract even more clients early on.

There are a few other powerful reasons to offer to coach them as a solution to their problems:

  • You can charge upscale prices for one-on-one coaching or group masterminds

  • They’ll hire you to get paid to do customer research.

  • With coaching, you’ll learn their deep fears, desires, and barriers they face.  In return, you assist in solving these uncertainties

  • Next, you take this voluntary information to create an online product that thousands can use

  • Finally, you use your coaching to get great testimonials to sell more coaching prospects