Want a Stable Career for Life?  Work At Home Bloggers & Freelance Copywriters Offer Security

Freelance Writers, Copywriters, Bloggers, and Content Creators are the most sought after Work at Home job positions on the internet.

One concern, the competition for the highest paying wages is fierce.   Don’t let this discourage you because an average paying assignment can pay you $15.00 or more an hour – depending on your skill and mastery of the writing skill.

The Positive Qualities of a Outstanding Blogger & Copywriter well overcomes the negatives and here’s why.

First Off – Blogging, Copy-writing, and Site-Building is perfect for the unpredictable lifestyle of a work at home mom or dad, especially if they have children.  Amazingly children take up a lot of time.  Fantastically, a child caring parent can create, write, and compose their blogs or articles at any time they are free from disturbances.

Secondly –  Unquestionably, running a blog can serve as a powerful platform from which you can earn money online.

Third and Last – Unless you work for a publishing house or a stressful high energy client your projects and programs won’t have horrible deadlines to face.  Thus stressfull limitations are not factor in most cases.

Let us determine if you are interested or qualify by asking yourself the following questions:

Are you a good writer?

Do you have a knack for good grammar or spinning complex content into easy-to-understand language that people love to read?

Do you enjoy writing?

You don’t have to have a writing degree or certification to make money as a freelance writer. You just have to enjoy writing. In fact, working as a freelance writer can be one of the best jobs for stay-at-home dads, moms, and parents.

Skilled and High End Work at home dads and moms are capable of making money on the internet with figures over 5 figures a month by “just blogging.”  Should they combining it with areas of affiliate sales, ad networks, and paid reviews their monthly income amount increased extraordinarily.  Most starting out Freelance Copywriters and Bloggers can easily earn 4 figures within 4 to 6 months.

Here’s some factors you should ask yourself and consider before your choose a work at home blogging, copywriter career:

  • In your early days of a freelance copy-writing career… you need to understand and to figure out how to become an expert in all kinds of different subjects immediately.

  • You gotta know your style before you write even a single word.  It’s recommend that most freelancers “specialize” in one or two markets, eventually.

  • Begin by using books and interviews to accomplish this “instant expertise” requirement. The interviews were great for getting the “flavor” of the market from a client…

  • Develop a Meaningful passion.  Without establishing real meaning and fulfillment as the foundation of your entrepreneurial pursuits, your career is going to be empty.

  • Apply and Use Honesty.    Honesty is the most powerfully persuasive “trigger” in your marketing and writing arsenal.

  • Share Stories and develop STORYTELLING.   This trait alone is one of our most powerful tools of persuasion.

  • It is best to create and write a blog with a purpose of helping others and sharing insights that improve your reader. Check out Stay at Home Product Creator for more information.

TIP: This last point will help the Stay At Home Dad create a successful business legit money making business online over time. It’s normal to commit many months blogging without earning nearly anything.

Check Out the Best Blogging Online Sites . . .

WordPress.com  Create your blog or website with software and blogs managed by the developers of the WordPress software.  Website includes custom design web templates, incorporated statistics and facts, automatic spam protection.

LiveJournal Here you can post your content, copy-writing, blog information for journals and blogs.  This website also offers style templates, privacy controls, photo storage and publishing tools for a number of interests.

Tumbler Submit Posts on any niche, then enjoy customizing your posts and content.

Here’s a Complete List of Stay At Home Blogger Websites to Promote your Freelancing:

PostJoint Using PostJoint will enable a content marketer and stay at home blogger to effortlessly coordinate deals and offers on their own terms. Work at home freelancers can instantly distribute their content and blogger can promote their sites.

Blogsvertise –  Effective advertising, marketing, blog review site to encourage making money from your blog.

Pay Per Post Assists bloggers and writers locate advertisers with suitable user review of their sponsors on your blog.

Digital Journal Offering bloggers and writers a digital media news network with a multitude of Digital Journalists worldwide.

LinkWorth This website is designed for bloggers to advertise their products and services though text links.  Submitted blogs are paid for each page view or click on the link.

SponsoredReviews  A stay at home Blogger and Writer can use this service to sell their services. This site connects freelancers with bloggers to negotiate and to write paid posts about their services and products.