Web Developer/Designer/Animator Positions for Work At Home Dads & Moms.

Ask Yourself . . .

  • Are you imaginative, computer design adept and creative?

  • Do you own an eye for detail and colorful image perception?

  • Are you an artistic and creative individual who is able to create animation and visual effects for television, movies, video games, and other types of media?

Saying “YES” to any of these questions will make it fairly easy to build your own website, design your own image, and take advantage of the many learning opportunities online.  There is an ever-increasing need for graphic artists and designers.

So much of the local businesses and internet population isn’t equipped to build their own websites or don’t have the time to learn or create designee products.  This is why many work at home parents and individuals are making a living in building websites and blogs for others.

Graphic Designer, Animators, and Image Artists create visual concepts using computer software (or by hand), to communicate new ideas or improve marketing methods for an audience.  They design photos, brochures, websites, logos, flyers, magazines and a variety of ads. Most of the graphic design work is done online these days.  This is becoming a great work from anywhere job. If you have knowledge of and access to graphic design software, and have an artistic bent, working from home as a graphic designer could be one of the best jobs for stay-at-home moms for you to consider.

Then you can work at home as a freelance animator and can also strike out on your own and sell your own designs online to make an income.

One other outstanding work at home job possibility which works alongside this design career is become a Stay At Home Video Creator.  Every webpage design needs a video to promote their products or services.  Instead of paying for videos . . . you create your own personal videos.

A Stay At Home Web Designer can find graphic design work on the following job boards like:

* Indeed,



Here some of the best sites a Stay At Home Web Designer can use if they do not want to simply freelance or work for a company:

Check this out.   99Designs matches freelance designers with clients who need any variety of design work. You can also bid on contests, and if you win the contest you get the job.

Select CafePress if you like to design pretty much anything from coffee mugs to clothing and sell your items to make mone.

Fiverr is great if you’re just starting out. Yes, gigs are low paying, thus the $5, but the money is in the add-ons you can provide.

Create Your Own Stay At Home Web Designer Products, Services, and Professional Positions

Ever since the idea of online auctions came into existence, the online selling market has been on the rise. Many are interested, but don’t know how to get started. There are still all kinds of ways to make money by selling online, whether you’re selling what you already have or buying and selling like a store.

Here are a few general tips a Stay At Home Web Designer must use when selling anything online:

  • Get a PayPal account. If you don’t have a PayPal account, you’ll want to get one if you’re doing business online. It’s the standard in online business for receiving payment and paying others.

  • Take good pictures. Some of the options below don’t require you to actually take the picture and sell the product, but for the ones that do, make sure you take a clear picture that makes your product stand out from the others. If you’re going to be taking a lot of pictures, set up a small “studio-like” area in your home with a backdrop and proper lighting to really make your pictures come across as professional. And of course, you’ll want a good camera too.

  • Be honest. If you’re selling used items, be honest about every dent, scratch, blemish, etc.. This will reduce many issues you could run into and keep your reviews positive.

  • Do good business. Plain and simple. Whether you’re selling on a small site or opening an online store, your customer service matters. You’ll want to get those positive reviews and make a good name for yourself. Respond to questions, concerns and complaints. Offer a guarantee if available.