Next begins the fun part of being a stay at home dad or mom. You’ll be facing more problems will destroy your happiness such as:

  • spousal issues
  • children, friends, and pets
  • time management and organization
  • becoming a person of “all trades”  and learning to outsource others to assist you
  • depression, illness, and lack of support
  • social, networking, and lifestyle improvement
  • others . . .

In the near future, here’s what this Stay At Home blog and support website will assist you:

* Dealing with the Stay At Home Spousal & Children Relationship Problems.

* Support, problem-solving, acknowledgment, and solutions that deal with the spouse, child, or pet support.

* Tending to Stay At Home Dad or Mom Physical – Mental Health Problems.

You’ll learn how to deal with mental, psychological support issues. How to Overcome stay at home dad or mom loneliness, depression, and boredom. Finally how to deal  with resentment, misbehavior, aggression, and fear of failure,

* We will outline steps and strategies that assist parents and home workers get support from Jobs Networking and Social Involvement.

You’ll educate yourself on how dad Support Groups, Events, Strategies, and work at home dad forums will socially improve your life and outlook.  We are here to enhance your lifestyle improvement, to deal with the stay at home concerns, and to become empowered.

Here’s a list of researched work at home jobs that are valid and proved to provide a potential salary replacing or supporting income source: